Wednesday, February 25, 2009


In the US eggs are sold in the refrigerator case. Not only are they sold in the refrigerator case, but there are “guidelines” printed on the egg cartons for the proper care of eggs, which includes keeping them refrigerated at all times and at what temperature they should be kept. Restaurants are almost forbidden to serve eggs that have not been fully cooked changing the recipes for Caesar Salad and Chocolate Mousse forever. Warnings exist at the bottom of menus about the risks of eating eggs that have not been fully cooked.

So why is it that here we are, in New Zealand, our 12th country around the world, and in not one supermarket in not one of these countries have eggs been refrigerated? The cartons sit on a shelf next to the rice or cereal or wherever they choose to put them – anywhere but in the refrigerator? No where else but in America does there seem to be this obsession with refrigerating eggs. Does the USDA know something that everyone else in the world doesn't???? Or does everyone else in the world know something that the USDA is hiding from us???? What is the real story about eggs?

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