Thursday, December 11, 2008

54, then 53, then 54

I had my birthday party on the night of the 4th of December, two days ahead. This early party was due to us travelling on the 6th, my actual birthday. So I was "54" on the evening of the 4th. The party put me into a very good mood, but at the stroke of midnight, I became a young man of "53" again.

The next morning, lisa came back from the Internet access shop and told me only a few people were there and the connections and speed were strong. I headed out as quick as I could! I successfully edited about 20 pics in our account and loaded up and edited a few more. Wow, things were working without fail. It's time to play the lottery. This Internet luck doesn't happen all the time in SE Asia.

I got back, joined the family, had breakfast and a couple of hours later headed to a waterfall called Kuang Si. Incredibly beautiful. lisa and I both agreed that this was the most wonderful waterfall we had ever seen. You couldn't climb to the top which was wise as you could kill yourself. A writer I later met in Vientiane fell three meters there and broke his wrist. He said "Thank God the cameras were OK!! Downstream were pools in which to swim and lush forests surrounded by two hundred foot rainforest giants. On the way back I conversed with two English medical students who were out of school for two months traveling in SE Asia. Luang Prabang is a conversationalists dream and these two were not an exception.

That evening we went to L'Etranger Books and Tea, a place that had intimate low lighting (something semi-rare in Laos) and a nice cozy feel. There we had dinner and watched Mama Mia!, the movie. Very nice; especially since the owner allowed us (the girls especially) to pick the movie. Originally it was to be a semi-slasher adventure movie and she switched it because "we just don't get too many kids here."

All in all, the day went perfectly. Internet GREAT. Waterfall and nature WONDERFUL. Conversation with other travellers INTERESTING. Movie night FUN. A wonderful way to reenter youth at "53" before reaching "54" at midnight.


Sophia said...

I turned 40 on the 7th but celebrated on the 4,5,6,7,8 AND 9th- so take that old man!!!!

Keep the Positive Energy Flowing said...

Wow, it is really beautiful there! It reminds me of Hawaii. Happy belated birthday, Marty!


todd leaver said...

Happy belated b-day Marty.
It seems just a short time agao at your 50th, and you were going on and on saying I don;t what? It;s not like I was paying attention or anything.You must be one heck of a planner because it seems that almoste everywhere you go its sunny!
Miss ya Todd

jason.bayer said...

Hi Marty and Happy belated Birthday! It looks like you had an awesome Birthday and that the journey is treating you well! I can't believe it's been 6 months now since you guys left Cincinnati! I sure am looking forward to when you all return!

Best Wishes for continued health and safety during your travels!

Miss ya!