Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The Cycle of Talking

When we started our trip it was easier to get along with each other. Now, six and a half months out, we crane our heads over the crowd to look for people to talk to other than each other. That's okay, it works!! The only problem is, when we can't find someone that's open to talk to, it results in.......................constantly being bored with each other.

Every morning, I wake up and see Avocet sleeping in the same bed or in the bed right next to me. If she's awake, (most of the time she wakes up before me) we play with Seelia and Fuzzy or our dolls. Then Mom and Dad will come in to say good morning. We go out together, talk together, and see each other, EVERY SINGLE DAY!!! Seeing each other everyday results in more arguments, annoyance, calling each other names, frustration, etc., etc., etc.,.

Whenever we hear someone speaking English, we POUNCE!! I mean we don't literally, "pounce on them," we just go up to them and start talking. The good thing about this is that we now know a lot more travellers that are doing the same thing as us. The bad thing is that when we have apartments, we go crazy, as there is only our family staying at the apartment and no one to talk to but ourselves and the wall. The whole thing is just one, huge, endless cycle!

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