Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Can you imagine wearing the same clothes over and over? It gets really old. In fact I “HATE” most of the stuff that I have to put on each and every day. What seemed novel in May 2008 in prep for the trip is not so novel now. We all planned ahead and bought clothes that were multi purpose, such as zip off pants (which convert to shorts) that are made out of synthetic materials which wash and dry quickly. And that crappy black stretch belt that matches it, ugghhhh!!! We “layer” also. I wear t-shirts under my only three long sleeve shirts. I dislike my clothes even more now because earlier, with variable weather, we were mixing shorts and pants. Since we arrived in China, it's only been the long pants and layered shirts. And those zip offs do nothing for my figure? Notice the next person on the street with “travel pants” and you will notice a belly that plops over the belt AND a baggy butt. The two 600 ml beers per day have nothing to do with my belly. It's the damn pants. I have worn the same royal blue L.L. Bean fleece jacket, that I was so proud of when purchased back in April, for the last 25 days without fail. AARRRGGGH!!!!!

This seems such a petty grievance. Get over it Marty. Remember the people that have less.....Nah, I just want to complain.....

I'll go on....I have a pair of New Balance cross-trainers that are very comfortable, until you wear them for weeks on end. A podiatrist friend of mine said you should wear different shoes each day and not the same pair day in and day out. I see all these people with neat shoes....Chucks, cool Nike casual shoes and I'm stuck with my old pair that incidentally (planned) match all three of my boring pair of pants.

When in Sydney I want to go shopping for new clothes that will make me feel hip, new and invigorated and sexy. I want clothes that take off the extra ten kilos I have been packing for years. No more travel clothes. Stylish pants with a belt that takes up too much room in the suitcase will be the order of the day. Orange colors, silver emblems, even shirts that say “Billabong” will be on my shelves. And I will shod myself in a brand spanking new pair of black leather Chucks (Converse All-Stars) regardless of the of what my podiatrist might think. I just won't tell him. So what if my arches need surgery...I'm having a fashion disaster!!!! Help. Besides, I need new clothes to match the shaved head. Soon you will meet Marty, the stylin' man.

Stayed tuned in a month for me bitching about my new wardrobe.

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Anonymous said...

You totally cracked me up!! I can't imagine the repetitiveness of a 1 suitcase restricted wardrobe for a whole year. You deserve some newbies! Consider it your CONTRIBUTION to the less fortunate and donate the old clothes to whoever will take them at the time of your transformation. Just a suggestion.
Does Lisa get to go shopping?
Have fun,
Jessica Bayer