Sunday, January 4, 2009

West Street and Xian Qian, Yangshuo China

On all of our rainy and dreary days, we usually make it out to West Street. West Street is the westerner's hangout; cafes, restaurants, shops, anything you really need in China. During the day, it looks like the other streets, only with no cars and more souvie shops. The restaurants seem empty most of the time. At night, it's another story. Almost every cafe (if not all of them) turn into disco bars. Flashing lights and smokiness is the right description. At night, alot of the restaurants still seem to be empty. After all, it is the down season!

Below: West Street Daytime

Above: West Street Night Time

West Street also has many souvie shops. They sell dolls in traditional dress, tea sets, chopsticks, t-shirts with Mandarin writing on them, stamps that they carve your name in Mandarin onto, miniature Buddhas, and more little trinkets. Many of which we have bought for ourselves and some for some of you other lucky people....

There is also another small (small SMALL) street running off of West Street which is right around the corner from us. Called Xian Qian, it is a miniature of West Street. It has half a thousand cafes, some of which are listed below. Our two favorites are M.C. Blues Cafe and Bar run by Derek, (only the bar is run by him) and Alf's Place Buffalo Bar and Cafe, bar run by Wade. To both of those we have gone at least once and eaten their heavenly desserts!!!

Above: Xian Qian Street

A list of the billions of cafes on Xian Qian

Alf's Place
M.C. Blues
Lulu's Cafe
The Balcony
Lizard Lounge (bar)
Music East West Cafe
China Cafe
Bright Moon Cafe
Global Cafe
Dream and Hope Coffee Shop
Woodfired Pizza
Flower Bar
Havana Cafe and Bar
West Street May
Karst Cafe

Below: The Aussie Bar (Alf's Place)

Above: M.C. Blues Cafe and Bar

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Chrissy said...

Hey, Avocet,
That's so cool that you were in China! The farthest I've even been from home was Toronto, Canada! Lol!
Anyway, I hope you're having a fun trip!