Sunday, March 29, 2009

Back to School - Chillan Style

The day that we came to Chillan, Amy said to us, "Sometime this week you guys can come to school with us for the day!." Well, a couple days after that, those words came true.

Amy and Andrea go to Martin Rucker Catholic School. It starts at kindergarden and goes up to 8th grade. Their playground is a blacktop like at North Avondale but is smaller. The kids are very loud on the playground and in the classrooms too. We didn't go to school for the full day. We just went for Amy's gym class and her arts class.

Wow! Chillan kids seem like they've never seen American kids before! Almost everybody in Amy's class followed us around the entire school, the entire day. They also kept trying to tell us things in Spanish. The first class we went to was gym. First we did some exercises before we did relay races. After relay races, we played dodgeball. I didn't have a very good time playing dodgeball because nobody wanted to hit us with the ball and I never got to throw the ball! We also split up into pairs and tossed balls back and forth.

After gym, Amy told us some things about the school and showed us their school Chapel. After every two classes, they have a short recess. For lunch they have an hour during which you can go out of the school but you have to come back in.

In art class, we got to make either Easter Bunnies or Easter Chocolate Baskets! It was really fun!!

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Anonymous said...

That sounds neat going to your friends' school. It sounds like you two were stars for the day. You are inspiring me to learn Spanish so I can go down there someday.