Sunday, March 22, 2009


This will be one of the easiest blog posts to write. No phrases will be written such as “it's the most beautiful place in the world” or the man/child thing of “ever since 1965 I've wanted to see a volcano”. No, none of that! Lucky for you!! In New Zealand we did see volcanoes but they were more like conical shaped hills. Here, on Rapa Nui, were ones with a crater rim you had to climb to and an interior flat surface. Both of these were filled with rainwater over the millennium and became crater lakes.

A quick geography lesson. Rapa Nui was formed thousands, maybe millions of years ago (I don't know, I took a really nice nap inside the Museo de Archeologico) by the eruption of three volcanoes. Take a look at a map of Rapa Nui – Google it - you will see it is in the shape of a triangle. These eventually settled together into the current landscape of this beautiful island.

Enjoy the pics

Rano Kau

Ranu Kau volcanic outcrop

Ranu Kau caldera wall - worn away by the Pacific Ocean's waves

Wild grasses atop crater rim - looks somewhat like Scotland

Lake formed at bottom of Rano Raraku

Entering Rano Raraku - possibly iron in soil

Lake at bottom of Ranu Raraku - rained later that day

Rano Raraku - Moai manufacturing facility

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Sophia said...

I might be able to give you a point for the pictures telling the story, but part of me thinks you were just being lazy!!! ;) I have one more month before Grad School is over, don't fail me now!!!!