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Thank you all for waiting patiently on the contest results of my previous blog: WHERE ARE WE?. Here are the results: The answer is: McDONALDS. I actually had a lot of people that responded with the answer McDONALDS, but here are the first three people that responded with the correct answer: Ms. Jenny, Matt, and Calvin.

Dear Beached Whales,

So you are laying on the sand or pebbles of a beach in Korcula drying out. While I can't help you get back in the water, I can help you identify which beach you are on. Here is some advice, I HOPE YOU USE IT!!! Good Luck!!

Korcula is a beach vacation. There is not much to do and most people that are on the island are actually not from Korcula, but tourists from Croatia, or elsewhere. Korcula is an island so there are lots of beaches but we only went to three: Seega, Lumbarda, and Orebic.

Seega Beach- Seega Beach is the beach that was only a five minute walk away from us and had the most sea life. What I mean is that in the shallow part there are lots of urchins, shell creatures, and star fish. It gets deep pretty quick and you kind've get scared since you can't see through the water. Opps!!!! You can actually see through the water so no need to be afraid of what's underneath you. Avocet and I went underwater a lot with our goggles and saw lots of fish, sea fans, sea grass, and once we saw a tire!! Even in the shallow part that we like to swim in, fish will come up to you and stare. Once I even saw an algae eating fish!!!! Lots of people like to jump into the deep water off the big concrete deck they have there. Great Beach!!

Lumbarda Beach- Lumbarda Beach is not like Seega Beach. It is a sand beach and only a small bit of it is rocks. It does have fish, but unlike Seega the fish are rare to see. There are areas with barnacles and coral that are near the rocks. The rocky area has lots of sea urchins and shellfish. The water is still clear but the only thing to see is sand. Getting hungry?? Don't walk all the way back to town, it's a looooooooooooooong walk!! Just go to the beach restaraunt. It serves burgers and will make grilled cheese on request. The most important part: they also serve icecream!!! The water is great and we loved it so much we went back again. Loved it!!

Orebic Beach- (Pronounced orabitch) Orebic Beach is actually not on Korcula but on the mainland. It counts though because we went to it when we were staying in Korcula. It is a sand beach but part of it has rocks. There isn't as much sea life except for urchins in the rocky area. It is a bit like Lumbarda Beach except that it is extremely rare to find fish. There is an area to jump off into the water and lots of people were doing it. After you jump off you have to go around to the other side to get to the stairs and when you did, you had to go over this area that was so deep it was really cold!!!! Unfortunately there is no resturant nearby so we had to take a walk. We ended up eating at this pizzeria that none of us really wanted to eat at. When we went back to the beach, Avocet built a sand house, I built a sand village, and then we both built a sand mermaid. Wonderful water on a hot day. Superb beach!

So now you have listened to me blab about the fish in Seega Beach, the sand and clearness of Lumbarda Beach, and the great jump off at Orebic Beach and you wonder is it really that good?? Well, maybe not. Maybe it's just because there is nothing to do, and it's hot, and the water looks so refreshing and going to the beach is something to do. But I found it all pretty much fun.

I wish you whales luck in getting back into the water but until then, enjoy whichever beach you're on!


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Aunt D said...

While it sounds like you were a bit bored on Korchula, sometimes a good rest is what is needed when traveling so much. It is a way for the body and mind to rest from all the history and sightseeing. It sounds like you and Avocet still managed to have fun with so little else to do. Congrats to both of you!