Saturday, August 2, 2008

The Beaches Of Dubrovnik

Even though we are now in Korcula (pronounced Korchula), I would like to recognize the 3 wonderful beaches of Dubrovnik that we visited.

Dance Beach

Dance Beach is the first beach that we visited in Dubrovnik. We wanted to dip our toes into the water so we wandered around looking for "the beach". We finally came across Dance Beach, a rock beach and as the water was too cold, we played on the rocks. We came back 2 times after that and played on the rocks more while also exploring the cave that Siena and I had spotted on the first day. After that, Dance Beach became one of our favorite beaches.

Lapad Beach

My Mom first heard about Lapad Beach in her research and so we decided to take a day trip there. We took Bus #6 to the other end of Dubrovnik to get to the beach. Lapad Beach is different than Dance Beach. While Dance Beach is a rocky beach, Lapad Beach is a pebble beach. Dance Beach you had to jump into the water because none of it was shallow. At Lapad Beach, you gradually entered the water like a typical sand beach. When we got there, we immediately set down our stuff and started swimming right away. At the end of the day, we all agreed that this was the best swimming beach so far. Although we wanted to go back, we never did as there were more beaches to explore.

Buza Beach

When we were walking the Walls of the Old City, we saw a little cafe on the rocks and thought it looked nice. When we were done walking the Walls, we explored the Old City to see if we could find the "pretty little cafe on the rocks". When we finally found it, we decided to come back another day. When we came back, we had a drink and then noticed people swimming in the water next to the rocks. Siena, Daddy and I decided to go swimming there and changed into our bathing suits. Daddy canonballed into the water and then, it started to rain. At first we didn't leave as we thought the rain would pass but as it started to thunder and lightning, we decided that we were not going to get any "tipical Dubrovnik weather" and had to pack up and leave. We huddled in the entry way tunnel, waiting for the rain to calm down enough so we could leave. As we were heading to lunch, we all decided that it should be called The Never Swam in Beach.

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Aunt D said...

These beaches don't look very relaxing--I guess that sandy beaches are something we got used to and anything different is odd. Are the beaches on Korcula the same or are they sandy?