Monday, August 4, 2008


When we left Dubrovnik we thought we had seen the most beautiful place around...we were right...until we got to Korcula. This place has cool, almost cold clear waters surrounding rocky outcroppings where people sun themselves. The vegetation, including palm trees and great flowers, is lush. Our place is up a hill which you access from the road via a series of steps; up, up and more up. The views are of the water, the surrounding valley filled with houses, and the mountains on the mainland across the water. One 'peak' is about 3300 feet. Very majestic.

You wake up in the morning when the sunlight enters the room, about 5:30. For ten minutes bats fly in their standard route right outside our window. Marty closes his eyes because he is afraid one will fly in. Insects here are not allowed in the houses by statute ( a joke ) in Croatia so none of the windows have screens. Also, a breeze is almost always blowing. Today it is predicted to be 102 degrees but the breeze keeps things tolerable. We keep all of our windows open all the time. Itś very comfortable inside and very nice when we eat outside on the veranda. From 15:00 until nearly 20:00 daily, a stong summer wind called a "maestral" blows out of the west. It relieves everyone of the daily heat. To upset our Cincinnati and American friends, we really haven´t needed air conditioning since we left Dallas Ft. Worth almost eight weeks ago. If you want coolness here, just get in the shade. If you want to really cool off, just jump in the water. There are beaches to swim in but more plentiful are places to just swim in the water.

Korcula Town, including itś old walled city, is quaint, filled with old stone buildings. It has much of the allure of Dubrovnik, without the crowds - narrow alley ways, outside konobas (restaurants), and plenty of places to enjoy a cold Karlovacko (one of the many good Croatian beers). We have had several good meals here including dishes such as calamare (squid), octopus bouzzore and Dalamatian style steak. Siena MUST have fried calamare at least once per day. The salami is good from the markets and the bakery bread is OK.

We usually arrive back in our apartman (they leave off the ˝t˝) around 18:00 for showers. When you are hot and tired, a cool shower and that strong maestral breeze are very refreshing. A light dinner, including the local wine, and then we settle down for a quiet night in, usually filled with reading. Our internet connection is in town, almost a thirty minute walk away, so we don´t have the opportunity to fill up our evenings with photo uploads or email responses.

After the sun is completely down, (preceeded by beautiful sunsets over the mountains) we can look out the window and see millions of stars.


Sarah said...

WOW! this place is so beautiful. How's the tan coming along?

LaurieO said...

Hi, Lisa and Marty -
We are so in awe of your experiences - and your bravery in taking on an entire year of "new." Your pictures are wonderful, and it's good to know that you're all staying healthy and whole. We're headed back to boring old U.S. school next week, where Zachary will not learn a fraction of what your girls have already learned since June. So very, very cool. Be well - Laurie & Brian in Cincinnati said...


This is Mari who you met at your special internet spot on the step just outside the walls in Korcula. Chris and I have been back for a few weeks now and the tans are already beginning to fade. Your blog is great and immediately took me back to the sunny island. I'll definitely keep following your travels as I go back to school next week. Good luck from London. Mari x