Saturday, October 18, 2008

The Bagamoyo Beach Blog

Having just finished crazy (and a bit hectic) Moshi, we decided to take a relaxing Beach Vacation. One of the best places to do that is here:


Bagamoyo is a beach resort area. It is on the coast of the Indian Ocean so that explains why. The surrounding vegetation of the area is not like you would expect Africa to be like. When you say Africa, people will immediately think long plains of Savanna with yellow barked Acacia trees... no. Bagamoyo is more like a Caribbean Island. VERY tropical, palm trees are the dominant plant, with Cacti to follow.

We stayed at the Travelers Lodge. They had a very nice restaurant and lounge, nice scenery, (vegetation wise) an awesome playground, nice people, and adorable bungalows. Here at Travelers, it's bungalows, not typical hotel style. You walk through the large garden area to get to your Beach or Garden Bungalow. (The outside is cuter than the inside)

In Tanzania, the tide is weird. One minute it is so high and rough that you can't walk without the undertow pulling you down. At low tide, it looks as if the first of the 5 Chinese brothers has visited and you have to walk half way to Zanzibar to swim properly. There are also rumored seaweed problems but the only real problem is the lack of clearness of the water and the particles from land vegetation in the water. The water is not as nice as the Adriatic, except that's a sea, this is an ocean. That was freezing and this is bathwater.

In Swahili, Bagamoyo means "Crush Your Heart". Why? Since Bagamoyo is a coastal city, many slaves were brought there to be shipped to Zanzibar to be traded at the slave market. When Christianity was introduced to East Africa (via Bagamoyo) the missionaries tried to stop slavery immediately. It had not even started to stop until the northern part of America boycotted it and Europe followed.

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