Wednesday, October 8, 2008


We surveyed the four participants of the One World One Trip team for their top ten (plus two) of Italy and the results are in.

12. San Marco Square
11. Town of Fornolasco and hiking in the Apuane Alps
10. Horseback Riding
9. Leaning Tower of Pisa
8. Pizza, Gelato, Wine, Panna Cotta, Salami, and Proscuitto
7. Gondola Watch 101
6. Siena, it's Cathedral, Piazza Il Campo, And The Bell Tower Torre Del Mangia
5. The Colosseum
4. The Carnivale Masks of Venice
3. Aquacheta Osteria in Montepulciano
2. Salchetto Vineyard Tour


1. Our apartments in Montepulciano, Lucca, Venice, and Rome


Sophia said...

Isn't it sort of cheating when you incorporate everything you did in Italy within the top 10? I loved Italy and it doesn't look like it changed much....

Robyn D said...

Hey Lisa!!

Have enjoyed reading your blog and catching up with what you're up to - am looking forward to the next stage of your journey in Africa and am a tad envious - a safari is
definitely on my books and I wonder if in this lifetime Iwill get the chance! I don't want those animals to disappear! (I couldn't get over how much like Donna or is itlike you, Donna looks!!) Have enjoyed meeting Marty, Avocet and Sienna on your blog too!

Re the 'NZ' part of your journey We spent 10 days traveling round the southern part of the South Island a couple of years ago (the third time I've been to the South Island) and even tho we flew into Christchurch we moved pretty quickly south - it's a lovely city and you will, no doubt be kept busy there - you must go to Akaroa a French settlement on the coast and apparently Hamner Springs to the north is lovely - we spent time in Queenstown and Wanaka (I love Wanaka!) which is a 4-5 hour drive away - am not too familiar with the Chch area but will make enquiries for you - will email my friend who lives close!

Rotorua is a 2-3 hour drive from Auckland and you will most
certainly want to visit Lake Taupo, the National Parks, as well as do some of the thermal and Maori things in Rotorua as well as the 'hot pools' - there is a lot to do!!! We will most definitely
talk when you are in the South Island and plan your journey
from Rotorua to Auckland!

Where are staying in Auckland? I live near the airport and am just south of central Auckland!! (does that make sense?) Hopefully you're not too far away! But you can expect to see us!

Anyway we will 'talk' again closer to the time.

Love to you all