Thursday, July 17, 2008

The E. Wedel Chocolate Restaurant

The E. Wedel Chocolate Restaurant is on Rynek Glowny (the main square) in Krakow. At first glance, it appeares to be just another restaurant on the square, but after further investigation, it is a Chocolate restaurant with three tables overlooking the lively square that never sleeps. When you enter the restaurant, you see a very pretty two floor dining area with a large overhead glass window that allows for a great view of the weather. The menu is Chocolate, from it's brown cover to the Chocolate contents within; the whole building seems like it's made out of Chocolate! The menu has many wonderful Chocolate (and non-chocolate) items ranging from Drinking Chocolates and Chocolate Magic to Children's Chocolateland and Chocolate Icecreams.

We made 2 trips there. The first was when we had just finished watching a street theatre preformance and we wanted gelato. Siena and I had been wanting gelato since that afternoon and we couldn't find anything but soft-serve. When the show was over, Mom told us about the Chocolate Restaurant she had found earlier that afternoon and we sat down to enjoy a dessert while overlooking the festive square. When we got our menus, there were lots of catagories to choose from, and only one of them was labeled Desserts. We enjoyed our first visit and HAD to come back for another one.

The second visit was made just two days ago, (July 16th) when we decided that we should take Bubie (grandma) there. This time, we ate on the inside since here in Krakow it was a cloudy, rainy, gloomy afternoon. We debated on whether to sit in the front part of the building, the back part first floor or the back part second floor. We finally decided on a table in the back part on the first floor. Then, we got our menus and had to make the decision of what to get. Finally, we made our decisions. Mom got a Nutty Duo, Dad a Drinking Chocolate (like hot chocolate but thicker) with Chili in it, Siena ordered a Vanilla Iceberg and Bubie and I each got the Wedel Chocolate Icecream. Dad's and Siena's came out first, then Mom's, Bubie's and mine came out. They were huge!!! Mine was bigger than my head!!! They were all pretty big actually. Siena couldn't even finish hers and I almost finished mine. There was only a little bit left... anyway, the point is, Dad had to finish it off for me.

E. Wedel isn't JUST a restaurant. If you walk into a little convenience store, you will see Chocolate bars and one brand among those chocolate bars is:
E. Wedel

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Aunt Donna said...

Oh my gosh! I must get to this restaurant. In fact, all the Orbach Family should go considering we are chocoholics! I would go every evening for dessert!