Thursday, July 17, 2008


Well, where are we?? The answer I would give is: "anywhere!". I am sure that is the answer you would give too if you did not know our trip itinerary. We are actually in Krakow, Poland but no one would know by looking at the picture!!! The Galeria Krakowska is just like Cincinnati's Kenwood Towne Centre - literally!!! When we went in we were amazed to find: Ecco, Esprit, Subway, Swatch, McDONALDS, Sephora and many other places that could've been anywhere in the world!!! I was (I'm not sure about Mom, Dad, and Avocet) surprised to find that it was very crowded and popular. I didn't think that anyone would be very excited about it! I hope it doesn't take over the neighborhood stores. I have nothing against the Galeria except that you can also buy whatever you need in local stores. Why not go to the second hand store where my Mom and Dad bought great clothes, or take a walk down Sienna Street(yes, I know I don't spell my name with two N's but that is how the street name is spelled)?? I don't understand why you need the Galeria when you can buy clothes, shoes, etc. in local stores, probably get them for a better price, and get the feeling that you are actually in Krakow. Not in America.

In the Food Court of the Galeria, which of these seven restaurants do you think had the longest line?
1. Pizza Pronto-Italian cuisine
2. Marhaba-Middle Eastern cuisine
3.McDONALDS-American cuisine
4.Fatih Servet-Turkish cuisine
5.Polskie Smaki-Polish cuisine
6.Subway-American cuisine
7.KFC-American cuisine

When you think you have the answer, please post your answer in the comments section. The winner and answer will be posted on my next blog.
Enjoy the pics!!!


Anonymous said...

Siena -

I'm gonna have to go with the McDonalds (unfortunately)!!

Also wanted to let you know that I am having a blast following your adventures.


Jen said...

Eleanor guesses Subway.
Matt guesses McDonald's.
Calvin guesses McDonald's.
I guess KFC. I know that China loves KFC, so I should save this guess for when you're there!

Aunt Donna said...

Aunt Donna guesses the longest line would be for McDonald's.

Rachel said...
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Rachel said...

Mcdonalds sounds right!


Sarah H said...

My guess is McDonalds

dryanna said...

I'm thinking Pizza Pronto. Seems like everyone loves pizza. Clever game!