Sunday, July 6, 2008


Even though the exchange rate makes us Americans suffer,it doesn't stop Europe from being the universe of good, QUALITY food. I, being a kid, cannot understand the,"Oh, sorry too expensive" when there are Gelato shops to be explored! Goodies are a main part of my diet, and seeing how my Mom cooks-I don't want those yucky store bought cakes from America! I'd rather drink liqour! WARNING! Liquor can be found in many fancy desserts, so ask before buying them!

Lets take a break from Goodies and go to FRUIT!! OK, here is an example of a fruit - a strawberry. Now, if you look at an American strawberry it looks big and red and juicy! Tempting! The problem is that when you cut an American strawberry open it's all pale and has no flavor whatsoever! Now, look at a European strawberry. On the outside it's red, small and juicy! When you cut into it it's still red, still juicy, and much more tasty than an American strawberry. Why? Because a European strawberry is what all strawberries are supposed to look and taste like all around the world! They put chemicals on American strawberries to make them look tasty, juicy, and big but they are not! LESSON: America may use chemicals on their food products to make it look tasty- don't be fooled!!

Onto our next category, small dishes! As you can see most Americans eat a lot and Europeans do not! Example: a couple of days ago my Mum ordered this Auberigene (eggplant) pasta dish and it took a long time to make. When they finally brought it out, it was in this small little dish about 8 inches wide. It was not very filling as Mum said. LESSON: When you come to Europe, you are allowed to order extra large!(except on Pizza). Do it!

I think I have covered some of what the cuisine is like in Europe and said my offenses to America's large and sometimes disgusting food.

Bon Apetit!


dryanna said...

I agree about the strawberries. We have to grow our own to get good ones, or get lucky at the farmers' market. Great writing, Siena!

lisa said...

Siena, thanks for the compliment on my cooking. I agree with most of what you said, but so far, I have yet to find good baked goods in Poland - I will keep looking.

Tami (Chrissy's mom) said...

Wow, Sienna, you are an amazing writer! Both you and Avocet! I'm glad you are enjoying the food. It was my favorite part of going to Europe.