Sunday, April 5, 2009

The Best Horse Back Ride Ever!

On our third day here in Valparaiso, in the afternoon after Spanish class, we waited outside for a ride to pick us up to take us to Ritoque Expediciones. Ritoque Expediciones is an adventure company just outside the city of Con Con. It was recommended by our landlady so we decided to try it. Hey! We have been wanting to go horse trekking here in Chile ever since we hit Easter Island. In fact, we were going to go horse back riding in Easter Island, but then we read in a book that the horses were not well taken care of, so we waited 'till the mainland of Chile. We had no idea of how incredible our horse back riding was going to be!

~ Siena

We knew we would be riding over dunes, through marsh, and on the beach, but that did nothing to prepare us for the amazing scenery. Since we had an afternoon ride, the sun was shining on the dunes, creating a golden glow emitting from them. The sky was perfectly blue, great for pictures? Not. When the sun is shining at you, it makes the picture dark. Less pictures, better memories. Several times we crossed a river, once it was up to the horse's chest!!! We were glad for the leather chaps we wore, the blackberry bushes are not merciful. The surf was rather rough, our horses wouldn't go in. We galloped down the 2 mile stretch of the beach, boy were our horses fast!!! The horses were extremely cooperative and calm. Oh, which brings me to another point, we didn't have to walk in a perfectly strait line!!! We could gallop, walk, and trot, all while being right next to each other. It was the best horseback ride ever!


Avocet (in pink fleecy) rides on Trapeal

Siena (in purple fleecy) rides on Aguacero

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Maria Elena Rodriguez said...

Thank your words, I had a great ride with you that afternoon!
Congratulations for the family experience you are having together!
Maria Elena
Ritoque Expediciones