Thursday, April 16, 2009


They were first spotted at the Mut Mee Guesthouse in Nong Khai, Thailand. There was a quick sighting of them in Tahiti. And now, once again, they have been spotted - in Buenos Aires, Argentina, nuestro amigos Charlotte and Erwan. From the beautiful city of Paris, Charlotte and Erwan are also spending a year traveling around the world. When in Thailand, we compared our itineraries, and were amazed at how many overlaps we had for the rest of our trip(s). The only problem was, often we were arriving as they were leaving or vice versa. I don't mean that we would miss each other by a day or two here or there, I mean we had 3 or 4 cities where we were literally arriving/leaving on the same exact day. We knew from this coincidence that someday we would meet up again.

And here we are in Buenos Aires with 6 days overlapping! We had Charlotte and Erwan over to dinner at our apartment and shared good food, wine and conversation. Not wanting the night to end too early, we had a sleepover - a first for us during this year. We spent the next day exploring this beautiful city together. After an afternoon drink, we parted ways with plans to get together one more time before they left.

Dinner went so well the first time that we decided we would do it again (we're all foodies). Only this time we followed it up with an Argentinian Tango Show. The show was great fun and we all agreed that this was something to watch and not something to try at home!

One of the joys of traveling is meeting new people and sharing time and stories with them. When your travels involve many destinations, it's not often that you have the rare privledge of meeting up with the same people. When you do, there is a certain connection and history that you share with them that is very special. Thank you Charlotte and Erwan for your friendship over the miles. We hope to see you in Paris some day, if not sooner.

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wani et lolotte said...

That's it, we are right now stars in USA !!!
We were very glad at first :
- to meet you
- to have a drink together
- to see Avocate and Siena fighting against a big blond haired boy hang overed, on a chess table
- to have calm, family and good time together
then :
- to meet you again
- to drink together again but red wines from Argentina !!!
- to discover Buenos Aires with you
- to enjoy your company again and for ever !!! Yes, it's said, let's do it !!!
So see you in Paris or anywhere else in the world, so small world !!!