Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Parque De La Costa - Awesome!!

In Holland, we went to Linnaeushof, a giant playground. In Italy, there was the Parque De Pinocho, a park themed with the character Pinnochio. In Hong Kong, there was Ocean Park, a park themed with the ocean. Now, here in Argentina, there is Parque De La Costa.

Parque De La Costa isn't actually in Buenos Aires. It's in Tigre. Tigre is a restorty looking city fifty minutes outside of BA. The only reason we went there was for Parque De La Costa, but there's probably some huge tennis court in some Sheraton. Even though it's resorty, Tigre is very pretty. It's also very clean!

Parque De La Costa is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The had really cool rides. When we got into the park, we went straight to the bumper cars, and after that, Avocet and I headed for those cars that turn around and around.

I really like the swings that swing high up and around!

Mom and dad didn't go on many rides with us, but we all got soaked on the log flume! My favorite ride was the Vigla, a short but fast paced roller coaster! I had a great time!

After we finished with Parque De La Costa, we walked along the Rio De Plate, and then took the train back home!

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Rachel said...

that park sounds awesome! I miss you so much and I can't wait to see you guys!!!!!