Monday, June 23, 2008


I promise, this will be the last you hear about bikes (or not). It's just that when you think that you have seen it all in terms of bikes, along comes the epitome of bikes -- The Party Bike. Fiets is bike and well, party is party, ergo Partyfiets. This is a bike that seats about 12-14 people (estimated) in what almost looks like a trolley. There are two rows of pedals, 6-7 sets on one side and 6-7 sets on the other. Down the middle is, you guessed it, a bar. (Well it is called a Party Bike after all). So now you have to picture it all together. You have this trolly looking bike with 12-14 people on it. Everyone is sitting on a seat and pedalling away. While they are pedalling, they are sitting forward facing the bar and drinking away. And while they are pedalling away and drinking away this trolley looking bike is moving down the street. The trolley is moving foward but the people are sitting sideways. The picture is for those who can't seem to put this all together.

Maybe this will be our next business when we return to the states. We could have a kids bike and serve pizza and soft drinks and adult bikes that either do beer and snacks or cappacino and dessert. It could be the next big thing in Cincinnati!

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Anonymous said...

Incredible! I love it. Who's driving?! Ellen