Sunday, June 8, 2008


A small Farewell Soiree was thrown by several friends giving the Shusterman/Greenwell family an opportunity to say good-bye to some of our friends. It was a lovely event with the most befitting cake. Thank you Irene, Sarah and Valerie for all your work. While we said good-bye to many people that night, it still had not quite felt real -- that was over a week ago. Now this weekend, with only two days before departure, as we say good-bye to friends who were not at the party, it all seems too real. Tears well up in our eyes with each farewell as we know that we will miss our friends greatly. We love you all. Know that we will be back, as we already have the tickets, and we will pick up just where we left off.

I figured we should publish this nice "before" picture from the party. It will be good for looking back after a year of traveling to see how we have physically changed. I imagine that Marty will have a little less hair (or no hair at all if he lets the monks shave it all off in India). I will be grayer but sporting my chic haircut from Buenos Aires. Both Avocet and Siena will be taller and wearing the new clothes and shoes that we had to buy them after they grew out of what we had brought for them. (Please let that occur in a country where the dollar is stronger!). And all of us will be looking a little more worldly.


Jen said...

Bon Voyage!

We will miss you, but are eager to follow your trip! We can't wait for the after picture, both literally and metaphorically!

Anonymous said...

Have a marvelous trip. All the girls that work with Lisa's sister Bonnie (the pretty and nice one) in North Carolina.