Thursday, June 26, 2008


That's the question most people will ask if you tell them you have been to the North Sea. On Tuesday June 24,2008 we rode our bikes on a trail to the beach because it was a beautiful, sunny day. The trail is not what people would imagine Holland to be like; wildflowers, sand, dunes, and trees, -- it looks a bit like Wyoming! As you probably know people ride bikes in Holland because it's so flat. Unfortunately we met some pretty nasty un-Dutch terrain when on the trail. I decided that my stuffed Seal, Seelia, should come along to get some air, but since she rode on the back of my bike all the way there, I had to have someone ride behind me at all times to make sure she wouldn't fall off. When we finally got to the beach we all took off our shoes, put our stuff on the sand and ran into the waves. As I said earlier it's the North Sea so it took a while getting used to the cold water. After a short time, Avocet and I were jumping waves and collecting sea shells. We found tons of shells that were long and pale that turned out to be Mussel shells!!! I mostly think of Mussel shells as black not pale! After lunch (which we had on the "strand") we went back and made a sand castle. You can see pictures of our great day down below. Now whenever someone asks you, "Does Holland have a beach?" You can say, "Yes,of course!".

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