Friday, June 20, 2008


On the 17th of June, we took a day trip to the city of Den Haag or The Hague. We went to the museum of M.C. Escher and then took tram #9 to Madurodam. Madurodam is a small but large 'town' in Den Haag. Let me explain. The city of Madurodam is miniature, an average toddler is the size of one of the houses in Madurodam. Everything is mini, but it is huge as it stretches a looong way from one end to another.

It isn't just for fun, its suposed to be a war memorial for George Maduro. One of the first buildings you see as you walk in is the 8 inch birthplace of George Maduro. When he died in World War II, his parents had a mini city build in his honor. They have continued to add buildings since.

Also, The city isn't the whole of The Netherlands, Holland or even Amsterdam! The buildings are in a random mixed up order, with buildings from Roterdam, Amsterdam, Haarlem, Utrech and many others. The older (style) buildings are at the tip, the farmland to the upper right, the harbor to the left of the farmland and the new and recreational area to the left of the harbor, similar to the development of a typical Dutch town.

They can also hold a reception, wedding or party in the main Foyer of the building. Below are some interesting facts on Madurodam.

The Smallest Town In Big Peoples Figures




Cars And Trucks=4,542



Lights in Miniature Town=50,000

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