Saturday, June 28, 2008


Happy wedding anniversary to Marty and lisa, married sixteen years today!!!

lisa and I made a pact before we left that we would not celebrate events the way we did in the States. First, there was the tougher preparation of trying to arrange things in a strange place, a strange kitchen, etc. Also we wanted to join other cultures in their celebrations vs. holding on to ours. We passed on Father's Day only to find out that it was Father's Day in Holland as well. Oh well, the best laid plans...

I jokingly asked the girls what they were getting us for our anniversary. Siena or Avocet asked what day it occurred and after I said Saturday, I didn't hear much else until Si asked to borrow some money when we were in our favorite cheese shop. More plans and hints and Saturday morning arrived. We were told to stay in our room until they were ready. We followed a trail of love notes with sayings on them, mainly Beatles standards such as "I love you, yeah, yeah, yeah" or "I want to hold your hand" etc., down to the dining room. Then to a wonderful breakfast of croissants, sausage, cheese, strawberries, yogurt, fresh bread with butter, pinda kaas (peanut butter) and chocolate pasta (paste). YUMMY ! It was topped off with a quarter of a small pink cake that they like from the bakery that they refer to as the "Tasty pink morsel".

This was followed up by a recital of dances to the tunes of various international travel songs. Afterwards we were presented the homemade gifts, cards, and purchased Stroopwafles, two tiny waffles pressed together with honey and cinnamon.

I have never doubted the creativity of Avocet and Siena. They outdid themselves one more time!! Thank you guys, we love you both!!!!!!!!!!!!!



jason.bayer said...

Congratulations Marty & lisa! What an awesome way to celebrate your Sweet 16 than with your kids in Holland with love notes and breakfast in bed! Talk about spoiled... I'm sure you'll never forget this one. Sienna & Avocet you two are really a creative pair, and I'm sure that you make your parents really proud. Enjoy the rest of your day! We miss you!

Michael and Donna said...

Hey Guys! Just a quick note to let you know how much we are enjoying your blog. We just arrived home this evening (Sat, June 28) from 2 weeks in China. We LOVED Gui Lin and the area. I am sure you will too!
Happy Anniversary. What a great way to spend your day. What beautiful sweet girls you have. We were discussing your beautiful wedding just the other day.
How time flies.

Happy Trails,
Donna and Michael

sophia said...

Lisa & Marty,
I have your blog bookmarked on my school only laptop- I use it to break up the work and am enjoying your adventures so much! Happy Anniversary!

Panic in New York said...

Happy Anniversary! One whole year of celebrations abroad.