Sunday, November 2, 2008

Bhagsu Falls

Bhagsu is a waterfall. Rather small, but still, many people go there. We decided to hike there. So one sunny morning, we went out and walked to Bhagsu Falls. We passed one town on the way there, and we later found out that that town was called Bhagsu. When we got there, we were amazed at how many people were there. But almost none of them were looking at the falls. Everyone was either picnicing on the boulders, swimming, washing clothes or carpets, washing themselves or just sitting there. Among the people there was a large population of Tibetan Monks washing their robes in the water and setting them on the rocks to dry. People also come because of the mountain goats and sheep. The baby sheep are especially cute!!!

When we got up to the falls, nothing special. It was all the things that people are doing at Bhagsu that make it so interesting. Just as we were starting to leave, it started to rain and hail slightly. We quickly (but carefully) walked back into the town of Bhagsu where we decided to look in shops to pass the time, hoping the rainfall would start to dissipate. No luck. We looked in two shops, bought two dolls, but the rain didn't slow. When we decided to try walking again, we found a taxi who could take us back to town; a bit over priced. But we finally agreed and we didn't have to walk back in the rain.

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