Thursday, November 27, 2008


It's about 6:15 AM in the US and hopefully you are all still asleep. Here in Laos it's 6:15 PM and we will soon be sitting down to our non-turkey dinner. We won't miss the turkey, the sweet potatoes or even the pumpkin pie (which we can actually get here) but we will miss you, our friends. Please know that we are thinking of you today as you gather around the table with your family and friends and we wish you all a very Happy Thanksgiving.

With the recent bombings in India, and the violence and take over of the airport in Bangkok, we have received many inquiries into our safety. Thank you all for thinking of us. Fortunately we are safe and have had no problems at all. We were out of India before the bombings and never even near Mumbai and out of Thailand before things got bad there as well. We will be going back to Thailand in several weeks but hopefully by then, things will have settled down. If not, we will find an alternative way to move on to China.

On this Thanksgiving, we are thankful for our safety, our health and for our friends and family who have supported us during this journey.

love, lisa, Marty, Siena and Avocet


broeyeback said...

It sounds like we've both lived through a coup now. When I read the Thai presiden landed in Chang Mei, I immediatlely ran to your blog. Thank God you guys are OK and that you just had a little excitement. I remember the Ramos-aquino coup in Manila in 1989 and our being restricted to our housing development forced a large Christmas party on base into our home for the military folks who couldn't travel.

Enjoy Laos - do you have an address there???

Happpy Thanksgiving. I'm making oyster casserole in memorial of Mom's 90th year. Also have 4 pies and dressing, along with Rieta's turkey, and friends bringing all kinds of stuff. Lins is already in with her guy Jason,; Zack and Kayla will come over with greatson Brandyn, and 5 others.

God bless you guys totally and thanks for the great blog - it's almost like we're there!


PS send me four close-ups so I can make cool personalized e-cards for you guys. Don't put them on Kodak, but just put in your blog...

Sophia said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you all! I decided to skip the hoopla and am in Florida with a friend. We went to a movie and I ate the "other" thanksgiving food- popCORN.