Sunday, November 16, 2008


What would you do if your 10th birthday were in Chiang Mai, Thailand where you are staying in a hotel, with no things to make a cake out of, and no friends to invite to your party? GO TO MOMMY AND DADDY!!!! They'll make it better won't they? Yes. Avocet and I both agree that we had a spectacular b-day when Mom and Dad planned it.

Two days before our birthday, we went out to a shopping area so that we could point out things that we liked to Mom and Dad and they would take it into consideration. We had no idea of what they were going to do for our tenth birthday.

The day of our birthday, Mom came into our room to take us downstairs to the lobby of the hotel. There we talked to our friends in Chile, Amy and Andrea and our friend in Cincinnati, Rachel. Surprise number one! Then Mom took us up to her room and we had a candlelight fancy breakfast banquet!!!! Surprise number two!

After breakfast we got dressed and ready to go out - to a spa!!! we later found out. Avocet and I got a manicure, pedicure, and a foot massage. Our tummies then ached for gelato so we got some at the nearest Italian restaurant. Sooner than later we went home to rest up for our next surprise!!!

Hours went by and soon we were back in Mom and Dad's room for dinner!!! We had a fancy dinner and then, surprise!!!! Mom and Dad brought out a birthday cake with ten candles!!! The cake was vanilla with strawberries and icing. It tasted home made!!! Mom and Dad said we had to close our eyes for the next surprise because it was presents!!

WOW!!!! We got BOMBARDED with presents. I got a fuzzy shawl with little puff balls on it, a Thai outfit, a elephant stuffed with tea leaves, a snake made out of rope, and money from my grandma!! Avocet also got an elephant tea pillow and fuzzy shawl but she also got a set of five tiny dolls and a shirt from Thailand. Our evening was topped off with another birthday call from Kristina, another good friend!!!!!

Well, as you can see we had a great birthday whether or not we were at home even though we wished that we had our friends with us. Our tenth birthday celebration is one that we will remember.


Avocet said...

u rock!!!

Sophia said...

Happy Birthday Girls!!!
Sophia and Sophia

Sean said...

Happy birthday!! There was a light dusting of snow on Whitfield this morning (Sunday).

jason.bayer said...

Happy Birthday Avocet & Siena! Sounds like you gals had a pretty sweet 10th Birthday! We miss you all back here in Cincinnati. Be sure to tell your Dad I said "HELLO!"

Best wishes!

nadia said...

Siena and Avocet :) I miss you guys and thought of you on your birthday. Siena "the class" misses you and also thought of you on your birthday.
we love you!!!
Ms. Nico