Sunday, November 23, 2008


I am not an adventurous person. Since I have taken a year of my life off to travel the world with my husband and two children, many of you may beg to differ. But when it comes to physical adventure, I have a pretty low threshold. So when Siena picked up a brochure for Flight of the Gibbon, A Rainforest Adventure, I did not put this activity high on my list of things I wanted to do while in Chiang Mai, Thailand. The problem is, we have a pretty democratic family. A vote of 3 to 1 meant I was going to have to don my helmet and harness and get up in the trees or else find a 7 hour spa package for myself. Now where did I put that list of spa telephone numbers?

"This treetop canopy ecotour offers an exhilarating opportunity to soar through a 1500 year old rain forest high above the forest floor." What a crock! This is nothing more than an excuse for thrill seekers to stretch their limits just one more time! You start off on a wood platform and then work your way through the rainforest on a system of treehouses, sky bridges, platforms and 2 km. of cables suspended over the rainforest basin. When the day is through, you have experienced 11 zip lines, 2 sky bridges and 3 repels down a tree. And you do this all in the company of 9 other people from all over the world and your two Thai guides.

I am pleased to report that we all made it safely to the ground in one piece and had a GREAT TIME!


Sophia said...

I did a zip line tour in Costa Rica and I had to be practically thrown off the platform, and forget looking down!!! I really can't imagine watching my kid hurling through the air like that- bravo!!!
P.S. We loved the elephant pictures!

Anonymous said...

Hi guys...
I'm a regular reader of your blog. Tonight I was watching the news and saw the report of the extensive terrorist attacks in Mumbai, India. My first thought was of you guys! Glad to see you weren't there to witness the attacks, which I understand were geared toward Brits and Americans.
Hope you guys have a Happy Thanksgiving all those miles away!

Tina & Gernot said...

Hi everybody,
we are now back to Austria and have time to write some words.
Due to the problems on Bangkok's airport we had to go to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, by bus to fly back from there. It was a little adventure trip and we finally arrived back two days late.
All in all we loved Thailand and we hope you are still enjoying your trip! It was very nice to meet you at "the flight of the gibbon" and we wish you all the best!

cheers from Austria
Tina & Gernot