Thursday, September 11, 2008

The Adventures of Pinocchio

* ~An Abridged version of the true story of Pinocchio~ *

Once upon a time, there was a piece of wood. Mr. Antonio had found this piece of wood and kept it as it would make a perfect table leg for the table he was making. When he was working, the wood would say things like "Oh, that tickles" or "Ouch, stop that will you?" Mr. Antonio did not know it was the wood speaking and when Geppeto, the carpenter came by looking for a piece of wood to build a puppet with. Mr. Antonio was glad to get rid of his piece of wood. Geppeto also learned that the piece of wood could talk. And run. Before the puppet got clothed, it ran out the door, only to be stopped by the police. Geppeto named him Pinocchio and told him that he would have to go to school. Geppeto did not have very much money so he sold his coat to buy Pinocchio an ABC book. Along the way to school, Pinocchio sold his school book for tickets to a puppet show. When he arrived at the theatre, the puppets onstage recognized him as their brother and leaped of the stage to see him. Then, Fire Eater, the director of the show came out and apologized for the commotion. He then took Pinocchio back stage. Fire Eater was not pleased with Pinocchio and decided he was going to use him as fire wood for his fire. Pinocchio begged for forgiveness and Fire Eater agreed. He also gave Pinocchio five gold coins to give to Geppeto. Along the way home, Pinocchio met a cat and a fox. The fox pretends to have a broken leg and the cat pretends to be blind. They see that Pinocchio has gold coins and they tell him that if he plants them in the field of Miracles, (where the Leaning tower of Pisa is), that in two hours there will be a tree full of gold coins. Pinocchio believes them and goes to plant his coins in the Field of Miracles. Pinocchio plants his coins and two hours later he returns. There is no tree of gold, no coins in the ground, and no sign of the cat or the fox. Pinocchio set out to find home. When he was going through the woods, he met up with two cloaked figures. They captured him and hung him from a tree. They waited and waited but Pinocchio did not die so they finally left. The Blue Fairy was in her house watching the whole event and she sent three messengers to tell her if Pinocchio was alive or dead. The first two said they were unsure but the third returned and said he was alive. The Blue Fairy sent the messengers to take Pinocchio into her house so he could rest. When he was well again, The Blue Fairy told Pinocchio to go to school and be a good boy and that he would become a real boy. Pinocchio set out for school and actually arrived there. He went for several weeks until one morning he met an boy nick-named Candelwick because he was so tall and skinny. Candelwick said that he and his friends were going to the Land Of Play where you could play all day. Pinocchio decided to come along. After being in the Land Of Play for one month, Pinocchio turned into a donkey, as did Candelwick and all his other friends. Pinocchio the donkey was sold to a circus to do tricks. One day though, Pinocchio the donkey tripped and broke his leg while running through a hoop. The circus leader threw him into the sea where the fish ate all the donkey fur off of him. Then, he became wooden again. When he was floating around, a fisherman caught him and was going to roast him in a pot when a giant shark came and grabbed Pinocchio. Inside the shark, Pinocchio found his Father Geppeto who had been swallowed looking for Pinocchio one day. They devised a plan to get out and that they did. They arrived on land safely and went home. From then on, Pinocchio always went to school and did very well. Then Pinocchio became a real boy, just like he always wanted.
The end


Anonymous said...

What a lovely story! Did you learn this at the Parc Pinocchio? Are you enjoying Tuscany? Which is your favorite city/village so far? I also would like to hear what you've learned about olive oil in your tastings.

Krista said...

Hi Siena and Avocet,
Your trip sounds amazing!! Riley and I spent some time tonight purusing all your adventures. Riley's comment was, "I only read Avocet and Siena's posts. They were much more interesting than Marty's. Marty's didn't have as many details." This was said with a disdainful hand flip and facial expression.
I am just so, so impressed by what you all are doing. Thank you for letting us have a peek into your world.
Looking forward to reading more (and I'll read Marty's posts as well! :)
-- Miss Krista