Sunday, September 21, 2008

Horseback Riding

Ever since visiting the Lipica Stud Farm in Slovenia, Siena and I have wanted to go Horseback Riding. (See the blog SKOCJAN CAVE AND LIPICA STUD FARM for more details) When we got to Tuscany, Mom and Dad immediately began searching out a place where we could rent horses. Mom finally found Il Vecchio Maneggio and about a week later, we were out near San Gimignano with 4 horses for 1 hour. We were riding through the forests and sometimes next to a vineyard. My horse was named Re, ("King" in Italian)
Siena's horse was Rubina, Mom's was Luna and Dad had Rocky. We all rode 'separately', we all rode in a group but we were on our own to steer. Suzanne, our group 'guide', explained to us that we were riding English Style instead of Western (American) style. Western style has you pulling left to go right and right to go left while when riding English style, you slightly tug at the left to go left and right to go right. Luna had eating problems and Suzanne finally had to pull her (Luna) away from the grass. It was very fun, and afterwards we went to see the medieval town of San Gimignano; with all their towers to symbolize the wealth of former residents. We had a very fun time!

The horse at the very top is Re, the white horse is Luna, the gray one is Rubina and the very last one is Rocky.

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Sophia said...

I went horse back riding for the first time ever in Mammouth cave and my horse kept trying to eat grass also. I wasn't strong enough to pull my horses collar up. Our horse person's name was Mick and he showed us how his horse could go up just on his back legs- it was cool. I love your hair cut.
Little Sophia