Monday, September 15, 2008


You probably all know that there is a city named after me called Siena-excuse me - I am named after the city. Since we are in Italy, my parents figured that we couldn't go to Italy without seeing Siena. We decided to go there as a day trip from Montepulciano. Siena is actually a province and the capital is the city Siena. You may think that Siena is a hill town, but I am telling you when we caught our first glimpse, we knew it was anything but a hilltown, it was a hill city!! The streets were definitely not as crowded as Venezia (Venice) but during the Palio, the streets are even more crowded. The Palio is a famous horse race that is held on the also famous square, Piazza Del Campo. When we got there we walked around a little and then went to the bell tower, Torre Del Mangia, which is on the square. Torre Del Mangia is a very tall bell tower that has over 400 steps! The stairs were very squinched and seemed never ending. We went all the way to the top level, and looked around. From the top you can see part of the old wall, the Piazza, the dome of the cathedral, and a lot more. After we visited the bell tower, I got my hair cut!!! The person who cut my hair did a lot of work which I guess is all right since he charged us 22 Euro just to get a trim at the ends! He started off with getting my hair wet, trimming it, using a straightening iron on it (like my hair wasn't straight enough), then made me stand up so he could cut it perfectly across, then finally blow dried it. After I got my haircut we went to lunch. At lunch I discovered that I had left my glasses in the salon, so we had to run back and get them!! After that, it started to rain. I don't think the cathedral had ever been so popular before. Almost everyone(including us) went there to stay out of the rain. The cathedral was very pretty. The columns were striped black and white, and the Dome was painted blue with yellow stars. There were a lot of paintings and carvings, and even some graves in the floor. While we were in the cathedral, we visited the library. It wasn't very big but it did have some pretty pictures on the walls. After the cathedral, we got gelato!!! When we finished off our gelato, we decided to do some souvenir shopping. Both Avocet and I got t-shirts that say "Siena". It had been a long day, so we went home. We had a fun time in MY city!!

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