Monday, September 8, 2008

Viareggio Beach and Pisa

When we first arrived at our apartment in Lucca, the landlady showed us the laundry room out back. There were some beach chairs near the washer and she said we could take them to the beach whenever we wanted!! That caught our interest. We decided that on our second day in Lucca we would go to the beach. Since the city of Pisa was close by, we decided to go there on the same day as we were going to the beach.

Viareggio beach was a sea of umbrellas. There were about seven rows of them, colored to match the resort that they belonged to. It was a sand beach, so it made the ground comfortable to walk on. The water was also a great temperature, warm, but refreshing. Although we didn't take the beach chairs we did get an umbrella and two loungers while we were at the beach. We took a boogy board with us, so Avocet and I tried to surf - not much luck.When we were in the water, we kept getting stung by somthing!! We think it was a Portuguese Man of War (just kidding!)!! Anyway, we had lunch at the snackbar. I split a bowl of fried fish with my Mom. After lunch, Avocet and I made a sand unicorn. Then, we got the sand off of us with the beach shower, put on some clothes, and then got in the car to go to Pisa.

As most of you probably know, the city of Pisa is home to the Leaning Tower of Pisa. When we got there we bought tickets for the Cathedral, Tower, and Baptistry. We went to the Cathedral first. It was very pretty, and it's a shame that almost no one goes to it. After the Cathedral, we went to the Baptistry. The Baptistry wasn't as pretty as the Cathedral. It was kind've drab. In my opinion, the Leaning Tower was the best part. We got to go into the tower and there were a lot of stairs. At the top you got to walk around the top and see the bells. There was a great view of Pisa, and the other cities around it. The view and tower were both quite amazing. After we finished our day trip,we got in the car and drove to Andrea's Pizzeria Trattoria, where we had a very good pizza. It was a nice day!!

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