Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Every country that we have been to so far we have had a different supermarket. This is a list of the supermarkets that we have bought food or other items at. WARNING! Your mouth may water at the thought of food. If this happens, you should read this blog with a plate of pasta (or other food) on your lap.

Holland- In Holland our food shops were close by. Around the corner, there was a butcher shop, but our main supermarket was down the street. It was called Deka Markt. Some of our favorite items we got there were, Nussa (a chocolate spread that you put on bread), Pinda Kaas (Dutch peanut butter, I don't like peanut butter but Avocet does), and Dutch cheese.

Poland- In Poland there were lots of little markets everywhere and Delikatesses where we did some of our shopping. Our main shopping was done at Carrefour in the Galleria (for more info. on the Galleria please visit the blog WHERE ARE WE?). Some of the favorite items we got there were, Maslo Orrechow (also peanut butter), Kielbasa (a Polish sausage), and perogi (a traditional Polish dumpling).

Croatia- in Croatia there were not many miscellaneous small markets around but one big one. In Korcula though, we did have a small market close to us but, for the most part we did our shopping for Korcula and Dubrovnik at Konzum. Some of our favorite items we got there were, a beach floaty, mayonnaise in a tube, Kiki Krem (peanut butter), and gold flakes (corn flakes with honey on them).

Slovenia- In Slovenia it was initially hard to find a supermarket, but finally we did stumble upon one - Mercator. Some of our favorite items we got there were, pineapple juice, cream cheese, and Petit Beure Biscuits (a type of cookie).

Italy- In Italy we have had a different market in each city. In Venice... well, I kind've forgot what the name was of the Venetian supermarket. In Lucca, we did our shopping at Pam. Here in Montepulciano, we shop at Conad. There is also a small market down the street from us that we sometimes shop at. Over all, in Italy our favorite items that we bought were, salamis, pecorino cheese, Nutella (a chocolate and hazelnut spread), and Rice Krispies.

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