Sunday, September 14, 2008

The Perugina Chocolate Factory

Here in Umbria, in the hill Town of Perugia, there is a large Chocolate Factory. It was started in 1907 when a man and his wife started making small candies to sell. It later came to making Candies, Chocolates, Cookies and most importantly, Baci.

Baci are small, Dark Chocolate kisses* with a whole hazelnut on top and a hazelnut nougat inside. They are the biggest product of Perugina, 1,500 a minute! They are also very popular throughout Tuscany; we see them here in Montepulciano! Perugia (the hill town) is crazy about them.

* Baci in Italian means kisses

When we first entered the Chocolate Factory, we saw only pictures of Chocolate. A Chocolate sculpture, cacoa beans, even a Baci Scooter! (See sentence about craziness). Then, we went on a tour of the Factory.

It was huge! We only visited a tiny portion but from the outside, it was humongous! We visited the Candy, Chocolate Bar and Baci producing area. It was funny to see all the Baci come down the conveyor belt and see that there was one missing from the many perfect rows. We also saw the machines wrap the candies. Once in a while after they were wrapped, the lady picking out imperfect ones would miss one and we would all laugh. It was also cool seeing Easter eggs, another Perugina product, being packaged. They were more like footballs than Easter eggs!

At the end of the tour, we bought twelve Baci (they were delicious!) and then went to visit the town of Perugia.

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