Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Gondola Watch 101

As said in Daddy's last blog, our flat had a large window overlooking a Gondola canal. As soon as we realized this, we immediately took to watching them go by. There was a suprising number of them, considering the high cost of a Gondola ride. After our first day, we started saying "Ciao!" to the Gondola drivers that passed by; not to the lucky people taking the ride. After that, we set up little stools everyday to say "Ciao" and watch the people go by. Siena and I called this Gondola Watch 101.

~written by Avocet

Before I write my part of this blog I would like you to take an Italian lesson.

Ciao Bella- hello beautiful
Ciao Amore- hello love

These were some of the responses from the Gondola Drivers.

After we started to get use to Gondola Watch, whenever I saw a Gondola I would yell out to Avocet (or she would yell out to me) "Gondola Watch 101!!" and the other would come running. Then we would sit by the window and say "Ciao!" Sometimes the Gondola Driver wouldn't say anything, and if this happend we would turn to each other and say M.O.M, which stands for, mean ol' man. Sometimes they would say "Ciao" back, or sometimes they would say "Ciao Bella" or "Ciao Amore". We actually got to the point where we could recognize some of the Gondola Drivers and after we said "Ciao" they would say "Ciao Ciao" or "Ciao Meow Meow". Some of the people riding in the Gondola would notice us too and say "Ciao" or sometimes take a picture of us!! When they said "Ciao" to us we would always say to each other, "They're trying to act cool and Italian; the Gondola Drivers are cool and Italian!". Some Gondolas have a hired accordian player and singer; once we heard someone singing Oh Solo Mio. Some people bring wine on the ride. It was fun to see the Gondolas go by and say "Ciao!".

Written by~ Siena

P.S. If you would like to hear Oh Solo Mio, go to and key in Oh Solo Mio in the toolbar.

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Aunt D said...

So, what would you say as to whether there are more Gondolas during the day time (cheaper for riders to rent) or in the evening/night (much more romantic)?
Did you ride a Gondola?
Also, thank you for the Italian lesson!